TNC Hospital Divi Child Theme

Running a hospital or a healthcare facility is a complex task. From managing appointments to sharing vital information with patients, every aspect needs to be seamless and efficient. That’s where TNC Hospital comes in, your all-in-one solution for creating a powerful and user-friendly hospital website with latest design.

TNC Hospital is not just a theme; it’s a comprehensive website solution tailor-made for hospitals, clinics, medical centers, and healthcare professionals. With this Divi child theme, you get a pre-designed, fully functional hospital website that’s visually stunning, easy to navigate, and packed with essential features.

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Mega Menu

With TNC Hospital, you will get an amazing mega menu. At the top, there are social icons and then a location and a contact email. Then there are also various options like a search field, location, direct phone call, and a call to action button to book an appointment.

In the responsive version, you will have a menu with collapse options. This means the dropdown will collapse and open on clicking.

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Dynamic Doctor Page:

Create individual pages for doctors with all the needed information. This is a dynamic page. Just put the necessary information and the doctor page will be created and it has a unique design too.

On this page, the visitors will get the total knowledge about the doctor. So it’s easier to navigate for the visitors and you can create this page for doctors within seconds.

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Dynamic Department Page:

Create a department page dynamically by just providing the information in the form. And all of that information will be shown on your website. The department page has an amazing design and it will improve the user experience by a big margin.

TNC Hospital theme will help you create a number of department pages with just a few text and it will take the design dynamically. It saves a lot of time and work for you.

Fully integrated with WooCommerce

You can use all the WooCommerce features with this theme. The theme comes with a unique shop, cart, checkout, and product page design. Sell equipment more conveniently.

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Event Page

The “Event” page is a platform for hospitals to showcase their involvement in health-related activities, seminars, workshops, and community events.

It comes with a tab view of events that are scheduled and visitors can easily navigate between them. No need to create any event page with a custom design for you.

Other Pages


Welcome your visitors to a world of healthcare excellence. The TNC Hospital child theme can elevate your hospital’s online presence. Engage with vibrant visuals and seamless navigation that make every click count.

About Us:

The “About Us” page tells the story of your hospital. It includes details about your mission, values, history, and the dedicated team behind your healthcare services. This page is crucial for building trust and credibility.

3. Blog:

A blog serves as a platform to share healthcare insights, medical news, patient stories, and wellness tips. It not only engages visitors but also positions your hospital as a trusted source of medical information.

We have made sure that your blog looks attractive so it is styled in that way. All the heading tags and other text formatting are uniquely styled.

Contact Us:

The “Contact Us” page is a critical point of contact between your hospital and patients. It includes essential information like your hospital’s address, phone number, email, and a contact form for inquiries. It’s the gateway for patients to reach out to you.

Each of these pages plays a crucial role in creating a user-friendly and informative hospital website that serves both patients and the hospital’s mission.


The “FAQ” (Frequently Asked Questions) page is a valuable resource for patients and visitors. It provides answers to common queries regarding hospital procedures, services, billing, and more.

TNC Hospital has a unique FAQ page that gives all the information quickly and in a very intuitive way. There are two types of FAQ styles that come with this theme. Use the one you want.


The “Gallery” page allows hospitals to visually share their facilities, medical equipment, staff, and events. It’s a powerful tool for building trust, as potential patients can see the hospital’s infrastructure and personnel before visiting.

TNC Hospital provides you with two types of gallery pages. One has two columns and the other one has three columns.


The “Testimonial” page is a testament to the quality of care provided by the hospital. It features authentic feedback from satisfied patients, highlighting their positive experiences and successful treatments.

Testimonials should look simple and easier to find for future users. TNC Hospital comes up with

Key Features:

Responsive Design:

Ensure a seamless user experience on all devices, from desktops to smartphones, thanks to TNC Hospital’s responsive design.

Appointment Booking:

There is a pre-made appointment page where visitors can book an appointment easily by just filling up a simple form.

Medical Services Showcase:

Highlight your range of medical services, specialties, and treatment options to inform and attract patients.

Dynamic Doctor Profile:

Introduce your medical team in a dynamic way, complete with profiles and credentials.

Patient Resources:

Offer patients valuable resources, including FAQs, health tips, and downloadable forms.

Testimonial Section:

Build trust by showcasing patient testimonials and success stories.

Blog Integration:

Share healthcare insights, news, and updates through an integrated blog section.

Contact and Location:

Provide clear contact information and maps for easy navigation to your facility.

Why Choose TNC Hospital?

Ready to Launch: Say goodbye to the hassle of building a website from scratch. TNC Hospital is pre-made and ready to launch.

Divi Integration: Built on the Divi framework, you have the flexibility to customize every aspect of your website with ease.

Healthcare-Centric Design: TNC Hospital’s design is specifically crafted to cater to the needs and expectations of healthcare professionals and patients.

User-Friendly: With an intuitive user interface, both you and your patients will find it easy to navigate.

Time and Cost-Efficient: Save valuable time and resources by skipping the lengthy website development process.

Elevate Your Online Presence with TNC Hospital

In the healthcare industry, a user-friendly and informative website is a must. TNC Hospital ensures you have everything you need to create an online presence that reflects the professionalism and care your hospital provides. Make your mark in the digital healthcare landscape with TNC Hospital – your complete hospital website solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I customize the TNC Hospital theme to match my hospital’s branding?

A: Absolutely! TNC Hospital is built on the Divi framework, allowing for extensive customization. You can easily adjust colors, fonts, and layouts to align with your hospital’s unique branding.

Q: Is there customer support available if I encounter any issues while setting up or customizing the theme?

A: Yes, we offer excellent customer support to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter during the setup and customization process. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Q: How do I integrate the appointment booking system into my TNC Hospital website?

A: Integrating the appointment booking system is straightforward. We provide detailed documentation and support to guide you through the process, ensuring that patients can easily schedule appointments online.

Q: Is the TNC Hospital theme optimized for search engines (SEO)?

A: Yes, we prioritize SEO optimization in our themes. TNC Hospital is designed to be search engine-friendly, helping your hospital’s website rank well in search results.

Q: How often are updates and improvements made to TNC Hospital?

A: We are committed to providing a top-quality product. TNC Hospital receives regular updates to enhance performance, security, and compatibility with the latest web standards.



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