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Divi- PDF viewer for WordPress Addon

Divi PDF viewer For WordPress helps you to show or embed PDF files on WordPress. This is an Add-on of PDF viewer for WordPress which is the most famous PDF Reader and flipbook plugin for WordPress. This addon makes the PDF viewing process easier for Divi users alongside with PDF viewer For WordPress as it enables 6 different Divi modules.

PDF viewer For WordPress is a responsive and fast loading Flipbook PDF viewer plugin which has a lot of toolbar options and is also customizable. Compatibility and one click lifetime update makes this plugin better than any other PDF viewer or flipbook.

Just drag and drop the modules using Divi Builder to show PDF files.

Please note that, you must have PDF viewer for WordPress or PDF viewer by ThemeNcode before getting this addon.

Easily Customizable

Customize the PDF viewer with your brand colors. Also, you can select different viewing modes for individual PDF files. PDF viewer for WordPress provides you with the flexibility to create a unique and cohesive user experience on your website, making it an ideal tool for businesses, educational institutions, and individuals looking to share PDF files with their audience.

Lots of Toolbar options

Print, Download, Zoom, Page nav, share, Rotate, Open, Presentation mode, Find, and many other toolbar options with the flexibility to show or hide them. The ability to access a range of tools from the toolbar makes it easy for users to interact with the PDF file without having to leave the viewer. It also provides users with the flexibility to customize their viewing experience to suit their needs.

No size or file number limit at all

There is no limit in terms of file size or the number of files you want to upload on your WordPress website. PDF viewer For WordPress can work with any size of PDF file. So you can show as many large files as you want and also this plugin can show those PDF files as a flipbook automatically if you choose that mode.

Cross Browser & OS Compatible

Works with major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, safari, opera, and edge, on any operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android).

This plugin will solve the issue of PDF files appearing differently on different browsers and makes the website more user-friendly.

One Click updates

Updating the PDF viewer For the WordPress plugin is just a matter of a click. Once you get the plugin you can update it with just a click for your whole lifetime. Needlessly to mention that this plugin is regularly updated so you will not find any kind of compatibility issue with this plugin.

RTL Compatible

Very important for some languages. If you want to show a pdf document that needs to be read from right to left, It’s a must.

4 Different Module

There are 4 types of module that comes with this extension. You can show the PDF as a link or as an image too. Try this out

Want to show ebooks or any other PDF files as a bookshelf on your Divi website? This is possible only with Display PDF viewer For WordPress. The good news is Divi PDF viewer For WordPress also works with this Addon so you can show PDF files with a bookshelf right from your Divi Builder.

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Do I need to install PDF viewer For WordPress first?
This add-on is not a standalone. You must have PDF viewer For WordPress (Premium) or PDF viewer by ThemeNcode (Free) before getting this addon.

Does this plugin conflict with any other plugin?
We haven’t seen any such issues to date. This add-on is compatible with all the other plugins. But if you face any issue contact us through our support, and we will solve it for you.

From where can I get this plugin?
Go to Divi PDF viewer For WordPress Add-on landing page and click Buy Now. You need to create an account in the ThemeNcode portal before buying.

Can I use this addon on multiple websites?
No. You can use this add-on on one site with a single license. To use it on other websites, you need to get another license.

You will get one year of customer support. For further support, you need to upgrade your license.

How long will I get customer support?
Divi PDF viewer For WordPress is a product of ThemeNcode. Check out the refund policy of  ThemeNcode here.


Check out the detailed documentation about the working principle of this plugin


If you are having any issue with the plugin, you can contact support anytime.